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Wednesday, 07 January 2009 12:35


Upon paying a deposit at the time of booking the said package, the client accepts the terms and conditions contained in this brochure and acknowledges that the said terms and conditions have been fully read and understood and form part of the joining of the package and form an integral part of the client agreeing to be included in the package and the client furthermore relinquishes any and all rights whatsoever to make any claims of any nature whatsoever against Ungava Adventures, and/or its co-operating agents for any injury, damage, inconvenience or loss that may be sustained while engaged in the activities.

Nordic Conditions

Irregularities in flight operations occasionally occur in the far north due to weather conditions and other uncontrollable situations. Expenses resulting from such irregularities are the responsibility of the client. Ungava Adventures will do everything within its control to ensure that the schedule of activities are respected and the clients are well looked after, at all times. However, irregularities of flights to these regions may affect the schedule of these activities and, in such cases, no reimbursements are made for variations in the schedule. Clients should not expect compensation for passenger expenses and inconveniences resulting from flight delays or cancellations due to poor weather conditions. Delayed passengers may require to travel on flights other than those on which they were originally booked. The possibility of delays should not discourage people from travelling into remote regions. Eastern Canada is generous in rewards for those seeking "something unique".

Procurement of Game or Fish

Due to the nature of the sport and conditions that at times are beyond our control, Ungava Adventures, its employees and/or agents give or make no guarantee that either game or fish will be located, that Clients will catch, see or kill any game or fish. The Clients are not assured of any game or fish.

Trip Pricing

Trip prices in this brochure are quoted in U.S. funds unless otherwise noted. The U.S. prices indicated were in effect at the time of printing but may be subject to change due to Canadian/U.S. rate fluctuations. We further reserve the right to increase rates in the event of unforeseen major increases in costs such as air transportation, fuel, etc. We will do our best to maintain our rates. Should an increase be in effect, clients will be informed immediately and be given the option of cancelling their trips if they wish. In such an event, we shall refund the client all collected payments up to the value of the cancelled portion of the package, and upon such refund, the client shall have no recourse whatsoever, directly or indirectly, against Ungava Adventures, and/or its agents, with respect to the cancellation of the said package.


A reservation with deposit is accepted with the condition that the payment schedule outlined, under the heading "Reservations", is respected. If the schedule of payments are not submitted within the interval outlined - Ungava Adventures can accept this as an automatic trip cancellation on the client's part. Due to our advance commitments with aircraft carriers, guides and equipment, if you must cancel your trip and you do not provide a replacement, the following penalties will apply. The percentage of penalty is based on the package price. Cancellations will only be accepted by written notification. The cancellation costs are as follows:

  • 10% (ten) penalty under all circumstances.
  • 30% (thirty) penalty after Jan. 1.
  • 50% (fifty) penalty after April 1.
  • 100% (hundred) penalty after June 1.

Under normal conditions and with reasonable notification of a cancellation - Ungava Adventures can, at it's own discretion, provide credit of deposit towards an alternative date or year.

Court Claims

Since all contracts with Ungava Adventures originate in the Province of Quebec, Canada, any disputes that may result in claims made against Ungava Adventures must be addressed to the Quebec court.


Purchase of accident, hospitalization, baggage and trip cancellation insurance is recommended. Apart from offering health, accident, evacuation, missed connection and baggage coverage throughout your vacation, trip insurance protects 100% of your trip payments in the event you are forced to cancel for reasons outlined in the policy. In view of the element of risk involved in any high adventure activity, we recommend that clients obtain whatever personal insurance they feel is appropriate for their circumstances. Prior to participating in any trip or program, you will be required to sign the standard liability release. Should illness, safety or personal reasons necessitate the evacuation of one or more customers, the evacuation expenses will be paid by the individual customer(s) involved.

Rights Reserved by Ungava Adventures

In the event it becomes necessary or advisable for the comfort or the well-being of the clients or for any reason whatsoever to terminate, amend and/or cancel confirmed reservations for any period, or portions thereof, due to strikes, national emergencies, weather or similar situations normally referred to as acts of God, or any situation which is believed to be in the best interests of the clients of Ungava Adventures, such action will be taken without penalty to Ungava Adventures and/or its agents, companies, corporations or persons participating in the operation. In the case of a cancellation by Ungava Adventures, the client is entitled to receive a refund on all collected payments up to the value of the cancelled portion of the package and, upon such refund, the client shall have no recourse whatsoever, directly or indirectly, against Ungava Adventures, and/or its agents, companies, corporations or persons participating in the operation, with respect to the cancellation of the said package.

Use of Likeness

Ungava Adventures has the exclusive right to use video and other visual/audio portrayals of You or Your likeness taken during your trip in any medium of any nature whatsoever for any purpose, including advertising or promoting the services of Ungava Adventures without any compensation being paid to You. Any such portrayal or likeness shall be the exclusive property of Ungava Adventures.


Notice is hereby given that each of the companies, corporations or persons participating in this offer is providing the services which are normally provided in the performance of its business and assumes no responsibility of any nature whatsoever for services, or damages, or injuries to property of persons, howsoever caused, arising out of or resulting from services by one or more of the companies, corporations or persons providing services hereunder. Ungava Adventures has never had any sort of serious accident. We carry liability insurance; however, Ungava Adventures does not assume liability for any loss or damage to person or property in travelling to the location of the trip or during or after participation in it, for any reason whatsoever, including negligence on the part of Ungava Adventures, or any of its directors, officers, agents or employees. Ungava Adventures endeavours to use the best available equipment and follows standard safety procedures.

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