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Written by nick   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 10:24

Our 2014 season ends with a bang!


Dad and I just returned from the North after closing up our camps for the winter. Christmas came early this year! During the last week of the season our Charlie Lake Camp was hit by a snow storm which resulted in a foot of wet snow all across the tundra! After marking the runway for the pilots with black garbage bags and making tracks with the ATV’s our DeHavilland Twin Otter Aircraft on Tundra tires easily made it into camp to safely pick up our last group of hunters and staff on schedule. Luckily we have landing strips at every one of our hunting sites. We can’t recall the last time we had any delays in our flights into camp.

Snow was just the ending of a very unusual season when it came to weather. Early season we experienced some of the warmest record breaking temperatures we have ever seen up north! Several consecutive days of 90 degree plus temperatures made a large impact on the normal migration routes of the caribou. Many caribou travelled south early during the beginning of August, making the first few weeks of hunting challenging. Our experienced guides worked hard and put everyone on animals, which resulted in a near 100% success on bulls even with the difficult conditions they faced.

During the latter part of the season we got a big surprise when groups of bulls starting trickling up from the south. What started as movements of smaller groups of 6-10 bulls passing south behind camp turned into a major flood with herds of 200-300 caribou steadily passing in line like soldiers! The majority of these groups were made up of 25% mature bulls all white cloaked with hard horn! It was quite a site to see!

At this date reports from our Northern pilots indicate observations of a steady mass of animals moving in from the West into our hunting area. Over the past couple of years we have seen a secondary migration occurring in early October. For this reason we will be scheduling an additional hunt for 2015 from the dates of September 30 to October 6 for a maximum of 8 hunters.

We wish to thank our hunters who choose Ungava Adventures this past season to fulfill their quest to take a Quebec Labrador Caribou. From all indications everyone was very well pleased. For those who are still planning an Adventure in the land of the Tuktu (caribou) we have some excellent dates still available for 2015 depending on your preference – gives us a call and let’s make it happen!  


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